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Move view

Posted by Cara Belajar Editing Video on Sunday, June 10, 2012

Move view

To next object edge
Ctrl + 0
To previous object edge
Ctrl + 9
To movie start
To movie end
To beginning of section
Ctrl + Home
To end of section
Ctrl + End
Page right/left
Grid unit right/left
Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn
To jump marker 1,2,3
To next/
previous jump marker
Ctrl + Shift + PgDn/PgUp
To next/
previous scene marker
Shift + PgDn/PgUp
To next/
previous chapter marker
Alt + PgDn/PgUp
To next/previous ad marker
Ctrl + Shift + W
Ctrl + Alt + W
Scroll to left/right marker
Alt + Home/Alt + End
To next/previous empty section
Shift + 4/Shift + 5

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