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Optimize Video/Audio

Posted by Cara Belajar Editing Video on Sunday, June 10, 2012

Optimize Video/Audio

Every film and every video can be optimized for image quality, color improvement (RGB, saturation), sharpness (sharp and soft drawing), brightness control (brightness, contrast) and pushed through an anti-flicker filter (Deinterlace). The sound quality of every movie and every video can also be optimized. The equalizer allows you to manipulate the frequency spectrum – perfect for cleaning up muffled dialog. The compressor is a dynamic volume control that can lend the overall sound a deeper, richer quality. The stereo effects processor justifies the position of the sound in the stereo panorama, while the DeNoiser and DeHisser are professional noise reduction tools which perform the function indicated by their names.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 offers numerous effects and effects settings options as described in detail in the chapter "Effects and titles". A short overview:
  • Every object (every video, every single scene, every photo, and every audio recording) can be provided with its own individual effects combination. Every effects combination can be saved separately so that you can use it later on different objects. Right click the object and choose the "Save video effects" option in the context menu.
  • Video effects are selected and set up in the "Effects" folder in the Media Pool. Most effects allow "keyframes" to control their behavior. The current settings only become effective beginning with the first selected keyframe. The next keyframe activates the settings present at that keyframe. The area between two keyframes approximates the corresponding effects settings ("tweening").
  • Video effects can be controlled using effects curves. A curve is shown in the video's object display which controls the application of the effect; the higher the curve, the more intense the effect. Keyframes are indicated by curve handles, and these can be manipulated as desired. For every curve handle, Bezier handles can be generated to create harmonic curves and effects automations.
  • Effects presets are standardized effects configurations for the most important cases. They can be used via drag & drop; just hold down the mouse button and drag the selected effect from the Media Pool to the desired object - finished.
  • The effects mixer ("Slide FX") combines or interweaves an assortment of recordings to create a complex visual arrangement. To execute this effect, simply drag the transitions to the space between two videos.

MAGIX MovieShow Maker

With just one click, your footage is professionally optimized and enhanced with suitable music, authentic noises, smart transitions, text templates which may be edited, animations, effects, and video clips. Scenes are recognized automatically and spliced precisely in sync with the background music. The MovieShow Maker can also apply several styles to a video if you wish.

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