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TV picture

Posted by Cara Belajar Editing Video on Sunday, June 10, 2012

TV picture

This option ensures that the image size is adapted to fit the real television picture (anti-cropping). Without adjustment, the television might otherwise crop the image borders.
Fade in TV display area in the preview monitor: This option displays the image borders of the television as lines in the preview monitor. The four image borders of the TV display area can be set by means of the 4 input fields. In this case, it is necessary to know the actual size of the TV picture. To determine it, proceed as follows:
The four image margins can be proportionally adjusted by means of the four input fields. Here it is important to find the optimal balance between distortion, reduction, bar formation and image cropping:
  • If the same value is entered for every margin, the image size is reduced proportionally. In this case no distortions will occur, but there will be bars along the edges.
  • If different values are entered for the 4 fields, the image size is reduced disproportionally. This causes image distortion.
Apply margin to: With this option the entered values for the four margins are applied as an image reduction. The result can immediately be viewed on the preview monitor.
Determining the visible TV frame size
To determine the picture properties of your television as well as optimal image size editor settings, you should perform a test run.
  1. Load the Visible TV picture.mvm film from the "My projects > visible TV picture" folder in Media Pool.
  2. Play back the film and read the instructions on the video screen.
  3. Copy the slideshow to CD or DVD.
  4. Place the disc into your player and play back the film. Compare the TV picture to the picture displayed on your video screen by MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15.
  5. Determine the proportional value of the borders cropped by the television with the 4 measurement scales along the edges of the test picture.
  6. Enter the values in the "Full TV size" editor.
The image size is now optimized to your TV picture. Please note: Depending on device settings and disc carrier type, the cropping values may vary slightly.

TV picture

In the context menu or in the Effects > Video object effects you will find various adjustments for various specifics of the TV picture.
Next to the interlace and anti-flickering filter in the object properties, you will find the option to adjust the image to the real proportions of the TV picture. A special algorithm ensures an optimal ratio between image size and image borders (anti cropping).
Interpolation for interlace source material: Select this option to remove ridge structures from the (video) image. If, for instance, you extract freeze frames from a video, these ridge structures appear in image sections showing movement.
Anti-flicker filter: Select this option for freeze frames with very fine structures and high contrast. This filter reduces line flickering during TV playback.
Border cropping - offset: Select this option if the edges are cropped during playback on your television. Values stored in "Film effect settings" will be applied.

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