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Video Editing on the PC

Posted by Cara Belajar Editing Video on Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video Editing on the PC

Digital video processing with the PC is comparable to audio processing. The analog medium that is video must first be digitized before it can be processed by the computer.
Digital video processing functions quite similar to recording via a sound card. The signal flow is measured in very short, regular intervals, and the values resulting from it can then be processed by the computer. The accuracy of each individual measurement results in the resolution, and the frequency of the measurements results in the frame rate. The more precise and frequent the signal is measured, the higher the quality of the digitized video, but also the higher demands on the capture performance and the required storage space. The Windows standard format for video files is AVI (audio and video Interleaved).
Digitizing video adopts either the camera or the graphics card, a TV card (e.g. Miro PCTV), or a video card (e.g. Fast AV Master). However, video handling makes much higher demands upon the hardware if good image quality is required. In order to be able to reasonably process video files on today's PCs, they must be compressed. Digital audio, on the other hand only uses compression for saving storage space.

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